Ai WeiWei Opening At Haines Gallery San Francisco

Ai WeiWei opening at Haines Gallery SF.

If you get a chance to stop by the Ai WeiWei exhibition while overdosing on art in San Francisco this weekend, please do. The exhibition is small but worth stopping in to see it.

Last night I got to the opening early which gave me the opportunity to have a clear view of his work in this exhibition titled Overrated. While I know his work, I had never been fortunate enough to see any of it in person before. It was all at once delightful, revolutionary, and profound – surveillance cameras surround us, restrictions are put upon us, and value judgments and the things we hold dear need to be challenged.

You’ll get out of it what you will.

Exhibition is on view until July 2, 2016.

Read the press release here.

Ai WeiWei's photographs at Haines Gallery SF.

Haines Gallery
49 Geary Street, Fifth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

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