I Ran Away To Bodega Bay

I ran away

It was just another day where I could not get far enough away. I drove and drove and drove and found myself on the coast, just at the edge of the fog, the edge of the land, and the ocean. A moment in time, in space, in rock, in grass, in water.

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Ethan Cranke New Landscape Paintings At Canessa Gallery In San Francisco

 "Wavelength To Nature" Ethan Cranke, Oil on Gesso on PVA Size on Mounted Birch Panel, 24 x 30" 2014 (Photo by Rena Nicole Morabe)
“Wavelength To Nature” Ethan Cranke, Oil on Gesso on PVA Size on Mounted Birch Panel, 24 x 30″ 2014 (Photo by Rena Nicole Morabe)

During his 17 years as a full-time painter, Ethan Cranke has dedicated much of his canvas to alla prima landscapes and this is evident in his dramatic displays of strong colors and confident mark-making found in this body of work which will be on display at San Francisco’s historic Canessa Gallery. These rich, moody landscapes evoke both the 19th-century expressionists and the magnificent light of West Sonoma County–where Ethan lives, paints, and chops wood.

I am deeply honored to be showing here. To have my paintings hanging on the same walls that have been privy to the goings-on of artists such as Diego Rivera, Benny Bufano, Frida Kahlo, and many others whom I would consider legendary, is beyond compare. ~ Ethan Cranke

People buy artwork because it speaks to their emotions, unless they are buying for the surface value, and then because it’s pretty, cool, or the colors coordinate with their interiors (ick). What looking at Ethan’s art tells me about him is the depth of spirit… and (his) confidence in his execution. The bold strokes…I think one has to love the subject to do that. ~ Linda McKay, Collector, Co-owner of Juxtapoz Magazine and Ermico Enterprises.

Opening night, April 1, Doug Carroll and David Samas will play sets of improvised music inspired by the painted landscapes, incorporating Carroll on cello with original field recordings and Samas (joined by Bryan Day) recreating live, natural soundscapes on invented instruments. By donation.

Ethan Cranke: New Landscape Paintings
Exhibition Dates: April 1 – May 1, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday April 1, 5-8pm, Concert at 7:30pm with Doug Carroll & David Samas

Canessa Gallery
708 Montgomery st,
SF, CA, 94111