Gluten/Wheat Free Chocolate Raspberry Donut!
Gluten/Wheat Free Chocolate with Raspberry Black Pepper Glaze Donut!

Every summer I spend a week in The Mission of San Francisco, housesitting. I make sure that I spend a few days of that time wandering the neighborhood, discovering who has closed their doors and who has opened them. I’ve often walked by Dynamo Donuts on 24th Street but have never had the pleasure of sampling them, for the most part, because at $3.75 a pop for the wheat-free delights they were just outside of my daily food budget.

This year though, one donut from Dynamo was my big food splurge. It was totally worth it! Very lovely cakelike chocolate donut with raspberry black pepper glaze. Their other wheat-free options (currently) are Lemon Buttermilk and Carrot Cake. They do fry the donuts in the same oil at the wheat donuts. But that didn’t bother me in any way that I could see.

Dynamo Donuts & Coffee
2760 24th Street between York Street & Hampshire
San Francisco, CA 94110
T: 415.920.1978
HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday 7am – 5pm; Sunday 9am – 4pm; CLOSED MONDAYS

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Silly Watercolors

Silly Watercolors
Silly Watercolors

I am no fan of painting with watercolors. They are too finicky. The color never stays where I put it. They really can’t be layered. They are really a beast to work with.

I so respect artists who paint with them by choice.

This summer, someone gave me a small set of cake watercolors, the kind that kids play with, and a very large sketchbook. I took these things from housesit to housesit over the summer months and played with them, experimented. I got nothing serious out of them but I had fun.

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Making Sweet Potato Roti


Because I’m housesitting I have access to a kitchen. One that I am comfortable using and working in. It was a few weeks ago when I surfed past a recipe for the Indian flat bread called Sweet Potato Roti. I love yams and sweet potatoes and the recipe looked easy.

Today I gave it a whirl.

* * * * *

This was a small test recipe because I had never made Roti before and also because I was using gluten free flour. One never knows how things are going to turn out the first time, especially when using a substitute flour!

* * * * *

Sweet Potato Roti

1/2 cup mashed boiled or steamed yams
1/2 cup gluten free mix of (mostly) Bob’s Red Mill Baking Flour (mostly garbanzo bean flour) and just a little of TJ’s gluten free flour (mostly rice flour), or the flour of your choice.

While the yams are still warm mash them and mix them with the flour.
Flour your board.
Create three equal balls of dough.
Press them into tortilla/flat bread like rounds.
Cooking one at a time, drop the roti into a skillet and let it brown on one side.
Flip and let it brown on the other side.
Bubbles may appear – this is a good.

Stack your roti.

Use like a soft tortilla for eating a curry. I made a litle pot of curried black beans and drizzled plain yogurt over the top.

The texture was perfect for using it like a tortilla. I am curious how this recipe might work with substituting half the flour for corn meal.

You can also season the roti. I added a little cardamom to mine, but you could add any of the Indian spices, like curry, to the dough.


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Om Shasta Shasta: Part Three

Give me a sign.

On my way up the mountain for the last time, I thought to myself, and to anyone else who might be listening in on my thoughts: If you really exist, if there are really inter/multidimensional beings that live here on Mt. Shasta, can you please show yourself, or show me the door to your world, in one of my photographs before I leave the mountain?

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