Rainy Day Vege Don

Rainy Day Vege Don

There is an “everyone’s favorite Japanese place” in my neighborhood called Man Puku. I go there sometimes, often when I want some sort of Asian flavored comfort food. At Man Puku, that could take the form of a Veggie Rice Bowl (pictured above) or maybe an over sized bowl of Curry Ramen, but it is usually the rice bowl, called a donburi.
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Lost Tacos – What I Do When Uber Times Me Out


Uber takes me far and wide around the Bay Area and sometimes I just don’t have a clue as to where I might be. That’s when I put on my explorer hat, park the car, and take a walk.

When I travel I usually have a daily goal – see this one thing, or look for a series of one thing, especially when I’ve got my camera with me. When Uber sticks me in a town I’ve never been in before, or even after a long ride, I set off looking for my favorite lunch (at lunch time) or snack (any other time of the day), tacos.

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