Rachelle Bussières At Robert Koch Gallery San Francisco


Blurring the lines of photography, painting, and sculpture, French-Canadian artist Rachelle Bussières employs experimental photographic processes and materials to fabricate abstract geomorphic images that explore time and the changing natural world. By investigating the transformation of photographic paper through layering materials in the darkroom, her creative process mimics the earth’s geological stratification. The result is is an imaginative dialog between topographical images of the natural world and photographic materials. Much like an action painting, the process ultimately defines the artwork.

Exhibition Dates: July 7 – September 3, 2016

49 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Hurvin Anderson At New Art Exchange Nottingham

Hurvin Anderson: Dub Versions
Hurvin Anderson: Dub Versions

Dub Versions at New Art Exchange is an in depth exploration of Hurvin Anderson’s practice through new and existing works, including a new commission for Arts Council Collection’s 70th Anniversary celebrations. The exhibition also features sketches, preparatory paintings, collages, drawings and photographs that have never been displayed before in the UK.

Hurvin Anderson: Dub Versions
Exhibition Dates: July 2 – September 18, 2016

New Art Exchange
39 – 41 Gregory Boulevard

Alexis Arnold & Mary Button Durell At State San Francisco

Mary Button Durell, The Cloud (and detail), paper and wheat paste, 30"x48"x24", 1999
Mary Button Durell, The Cloud (and detail), paper and wheat paste, 30″x48″x24″, 1999

Material Limit brings together two Bay Area-based women sculptors Alexis Arnold and Mary Button Durell. These two artists’ practices center around the sustained investigation of material, and how that material interacts with space, light and time.

Alexis Arnold will be exhibiting pieces from her crystallized book series, a body of objects that begin as books, but are transformed into sculptures through the artist’s process for growing borax crystals onto tricky and elusive surfaces. The books appear frozen and suspended in time, immobilized and inert in their ability to transmit information from writer to reader. The frozen form as well as its inaccessible content provoke nostalgia and asks questions about humanity’s millennial-long relationship to paper.

Arnold will also be creating two site-specific installations that investigate the way certain materials interact with light and space over time. The larger, west-facing work will take advantage of state’s expansive windows and full sunlight, with crystals affixing to pieces of mesh screen, which will change significantly over the course of the exhibition—shifting in opacity, falling on the floor and audibly crackling as they interact with the bright conditions of the space. The smaller “sister” installation will anchor the gallery’s southern wall using the subtle nature of resin to play with perception. The piece will change as the viewer moves around it and as the day moves from morning to night.

Mary Button Durell, a longtime Bay Area exhibiting artist, will be showcasing both early and brand new work. Durell works with tracing paper and wheat paste, probing the material—literally and figuratively—for over two decades. The focal point of her work in Material Limit will be The Cloud, a large, sixteen year-old, three-dimensional paper structure suspended from the ceiling. The Cloud is one form made from multiple small molds that are held together in an intricate shape by a mixture of glue and engineering acumen. For Material Limit, the cloud will be installed with attention to artificial atmospheric details like light and wind.

This sculpture, like much of Durell’s work, highlights a thrilling commitment to object-making that is obsessive, meditative and endurance-based. Ambitious constructions contrast with the fragility of paper highlighting expectations about paper’s capabilities as a material. Interacting with space and light to create mysterious and ethereal installations, Durell’s work is anchored by an Eastern sense of the present moment, both in its creation and upon viewing.

Alexis Arnold, (L) The Foundations of Graphic Design, book, borax crystals,  L"xW"x'H, 2015 and (R) The Art and Science of Java, book, borax crystals, 14"x14"10", 2015
Alexis Arnold, (L) The Foundations of Graphic Design, book, borax crystals, L”xW”x’H, 2015 and (R) The Art and Science of Java, book, borax crystals, 14″x14″10″, 2015

Material Limit: Alexis Arnold & Mary Button Durell
Exhibition Dates: June 18 – July 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 18, 6-9pm

1295 Alabama Street, San Francisco

Mystery & Narrative At Slate contemporary

Mystery & Narrative At Slate
Mystery & Narrative at Slate

SLATE contemporary presents a plot twist with its early summer exhibition, Mystery & Narrative. Featuring photography by Michael Garlington and Danielle Mourning, and paintings by Monique Crine and GR Martin, Mystery & Narrative brings the figure to the foreground in a series of dramatic scenes that beckon the viewer in, but refuse to reveal themselves easily. A cloak of mystery pervades the exhibition, with one’s sense of what is ‘real’ and possible perpetually at play. Drawing upon the tropes of theater, from staged sets to dramatic characters, each artwork offers a rich performance, channeling history and fiction in varying proportions.

Mystery & Narrative
Exhibition Dates: June 16 – July 30, Thurs-Sat 12-5pm
Opening Reception: June 16, 6-8pm / Remarks at 7pm

Slate contemporary
473 25th St, Suite A
Oakland, CA

John Gerrard At Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

John Gerrard: Power.Play
John Gerrard: Power.Play

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) presents a solo exhibition by Irish artist John Gerrard, his first in China. Power. Play features three recent and important works, including the celebrated piece, Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada), 2014. Gerrard is widely regarded as a pioneer of digital media, often exploring geographically isolated locations and referring to structures of power and networks of energy that have coincided with the expansion of human endeavor in the past century. These key works, exhibited at UCCA, are emblematic of Gerrard’s feats of documentation followed by painstaking digital replication.

John Gerrard: Power.Play
Exhibition Dates: June 9 – August 7, 2016

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art