Light On Floor Through Yonder Window

Light on floor through yonder window

After decades (at least three, almost four) of taking photographs, the light coming through a window image just never gets old. Especially now when it’s so easy to manipulate photographs with filters and effects. I love photography even more than I did when I first went to art school to major in it.

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Out Of The Archives:
The Chinese Tea House


On a sunny day, The Chinese Tea House glitters brightly in the sunlight. Coming upon this little gem while walking through Sanssouci is a little bit delightful and a little bit disturbing at the same time. So shiny!

The Chinese Tea House in Park Sanssouci was built as a garden pavilion between the years 1755 and 1764. The Chinoise style was very popular at the time, and the architect Johann Gottfried Büring used a mix of Rococo and Asian elements in its design.

The gilded sandstone sculptures that sit at the feet of the columns and stand at the walls of the rooms originate from the workshops of the sculptors Johann Gottlieb Heymüller and Johann Peter Benckert. People from the area stood as models for the eating, drinking and music-making Chinese figures, which explains the statues’ European features. — Wikipedia