Hidden: Photographing ArtWork

This is a partially hidden “Photographing Fine-Art” portfolio page for the purpose of adding information to a job application.

Many of these were taken during a time when I was deciding on whether or not to transition from shooting film to shooting digital, and I was testing this with a Canon PowerShotPro 8mp. It’s a handy little camera that I still use today along with my EOS 30D. Why these two cameras? Because they were the best my budget could afford and did not require me to also upgrade my computing system for processing.

By looking at these, you can see that I have an eye for cropping and quality, and while all of these images were taken for personal project purposes, I’m sure they can translate as a starting point for working in this capacity.

I’ve owned only Canon cameras since 1975 when I bought my first Canon TX. I had two TX/s then two FTb/s. I liked the old heavy metal bodies and never graduated to the AE1 although I did shoot with a friend’s a few times. Then I went to testing with the PowerShotPro and then the EOS 30D. I still have one of the FTb/s.

Images from the Sketchbooks of M.Louise Stanley.
Images to be included on her web site portfolio.
Taken with a an 8mp Canon point and shoot:

* * * * *

Images from the Coba archaeological site in The Yucatan:
Taken with a an 8mp Canon point and shoot:

* * * * *

Images of sculpture from Louvre Museum in Paris.
Taken with a an 8mp Canon point and shoot:

* * * * *

Images of The First Church of Christ Scientist, Berkeley.
Architect Bernard Maybeck.
Taken with a an Canon EOS 30D:

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