Paige Pinnell: The Artist as Collector At Obscura Gallery

Paige Pinnell, Untitled, c.1980’s, 13.25 x 19.5”, Cibachrome print.
Paige Pinnell, Untitled, c.1980’s, 13.25 x 19.5”, Cibachrome print.

Obscura Gallery is presenting their first in an ongoing exhibition series of The Artist as Collector, debuting the series with the photographic collection and personal works of the late Santa Fean, Paige Pinnell. Pinnell, who passed away in 2017, embodied the passion for photography by being a photography dealer, artist, educator, and collector. Paige’s deep knowledge of and connection to photography on a national level had influence on many in the local Santa Fe community in the 1960-70’s and was integral to what would become the development of the photography market in Santa Fe at that time. Obscura Gallery is honored to present this exhibition of works for sale to pay tribute to Pinnell’s photographic legacy.

Paige Pinnell: The Artist as Collector
An Exhibition of the Photographic Collection and Personal Works by Paige Pinnell

Exhibition Dates: January 11 – February 23, 2019
Opening Reception: January 11, 2019

Obscura Gallery
1405 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tom Chambers At photo-eye Gallery

Tom Chambers, Middle Light
Tom Chambers, Middle Light

Tom Chambers is a master storyteller. Employing Magic Realism, Chambers’ complex single-setting narratives convincingly insert fantastical elements into our everyday existence. In this world, people share a kindred connection with animals, spoken words fall as floral blooms, and the metaphysical nature of light reveals sacred spectacles. Using imagery from the artist’s travels to locations such as Iceland, Italy, and Mexico, Chambers’ images appear otherworldly. The scenes are evocative, yielding feeling of delight, wonder, and trepidations as Chambers explores themes of transformation, vitality, mythology, and identity. An early adopter of digital media, Chambers builds his improbable scenes by seamlessly integrating elements from multiple photographs into a single image.

“Since I began creating photomontage, storytelling has been part of all my series and something that has engaged the viewer. My hope has been that the viewer will look at my images, each of which contains an unfinished story, and then create his own interpretation of what's seen. Magic realism has been a tool for me to create a strong narrative. I use magic realism to peak viewer's interests compelling them to take a second look because something looks different or improbable; I really want to raise questions in the viewer's mind. I like to say that instead of taking a photo, I am making a photo. Many of my inspirations for my montage photography come from musings or dreams, which I refer to as improbable dreams.” – Tom Chambers

Tom Chambers: Hearts and Bones
Exhibition Dates: November 30, 2018 – January 5, 2019
Opening Reception & Book Signing: Friday, November 30, 2018 from 5pm – 7 PM

photo-eye Gallery
541 South Guadalupe St
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Scott Greene At Turner Carroll Gallery

Scott Greene, Mountsanto, oil on canvas over panel, 72 x 60 in., 2018
Scott Greene, Mountsanto, oil on canvas over panel, 72 x 60 in., 2018

Scott Greene’s paintings are bold and thoroughly relevant. Greene has always been known as a social commentator, using art historical iconography to signify human impact on the natural world. He has been described as a neo-Romantic painter, in that his painting style is nothing short of dreamy. His palette and his handling of paint rival that of European Old Masters. In a bait and switch type tactic, Greene lures the viewer into his works with their lush paint surface and beauty; the viewer then finds him/herself inside an otherworldly socio-political conundrum they are compelled to explore before leaving.

Greene has created a wholly new, scathing, ironic, sublimely beautiful body of work in response to the political divide around issues such as climate change, immigration, and basic human rights. The imagery is centered on a circus theme—apropos of our current society. One painting features a circus “tableau wagon,” painted with images of Mexican children separated from their families. Another painting depicts a locomotive hurling itself forward through a red, menacing sea upon which floats a red, white, and blue basketball. Clowns pile high upon a tiny clown car in yet another work.

Scott Greene writes about his newest body of work:

“This is an intense time to be a painter of my sort. Nothing seems too ridiculous, all stories pale to reality. So this work is emotionally driven by extreme shifts to everything we know about being American citizens, whatever that is now. Clown cars, runaway locomotives, quaint cruelty on the prairie, all part of the illusion of power—the farce we now perform in.”

This exhibition at Turner Carroll is held in conjunction with Currency at 516 Arts, Albuquerque’s contemporary art museum.

Scott Greene: New Works
In conjunction with his inclusion in the Currency exhibit at 516Arts, Albuquerque’s contemporary museum, Scott Greene has created a wholly new, scathing, ironic, sublimely beautiful body of work in response to the political divide around issues such as climate change, immigration, and basic human rights.
Exhibition Dates: Opens November 9, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, November 9, 5:00 – 7:00 pm
Artist and Curator Talk: Friday, November 9, 5:30 pm

Turner Carroll Gallery
725 Canyon Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Donald Woodman At JFD Gallery

Donald Woodman
Donald Woodman

Donald Woodman’s photographic career spans nearly five decades. As an established large format photographer, Woodman’s unique combination of traditional and digital methods lends his work technical proficiency, formal refinement, and conceptual weight. His diverse subject matter, ranging from portraits and landscapes to probing examination of masculinity and personal identity, remains consistently intimate, characterized by a subversive perspective and eccentric wit.

HORIZONS: Photographs by Donald Woodman
Exhibition Dates: September 15 – November 30, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, October 5, 2018 from 5pm – 7pm

JFD Gallery at Justin’s Frame Designs
1221 Flagman Way, A2
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Joel-Peter Witkin At El Museo Cultural De Santa Fe Gallery

Harvest, 1984 © Joel-Peter Witkin
Harvest, 1984 © Joel-Peter Witkin

Known for his controversial imagery, Joel-Peter Witkin has been an icon in the art world since the 1980s. Witkin is first and foremost a storyteller, with each of his images evoking a narrative that calls into question the ideals of beauty, exploitation vs. empowerment, and the role of death in contemporary Western culture.

Witkin’s work reaches beyond the fine art world to high fashion including Alexander McQueen’s runway and has inspired imagery for Nine Inch Nails videos. Drawing from a rich body of sources—literature, myth, and Renaissance and Baroque painting—he creates elaborate tableaux that explore perverse, erotic, and religious concerns. He considers morality as central to his work.

The image selection for Splendor and Misery: Photographs by Joel-Peter Witkin will include some of his nearly sold-out works as well as lesser known images that will be on view for this special exhibit in his home state of New Mexico.

SPLENDOR AND MISERY: Exhibition of Photographs by Joel-Peter Witkin
Exhibition Dates: October 5 – November 4, 2018
Opening Reception: October 5, 2018 from 6pm – 8pm

El Museo Cultural De Santa Fe Gallery
555 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, NM

Free and Open to public

An Evening with Joel-Peter Witkin

Enjoy an engaging evening with this esteemed artist, as well as the Review Santa Fe photographers, reviewers, and the Santa Fe community. The evening includes a reception, dinner, and talk by the writer, Eugenia Parry, as well as a presentation by Joel-Peter Witkin himself.

WHEN: October 20, 2018 // Reception 7:30pm // Dinner 8:30pm // Presentation 9:30pm
Tickets: $135 non-members; $121 Members and Festival Pass Holders – Purchase

The Drury Plaza Hotel
828 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM