Change Is Good, Right?

Change Is In The Making

Sitting out my Saturn transits – and lucky me had two weird ones in a row! – I wondered if I was ever going to be able to break out and be me again in this lifetime. My life had become a constant search for lunch money, job rejections, and trying to maintain my sanity. There was no travel. No art. My creativity existed mostly in my mind and at the very most, on my laptop and in a sketchbook that I carry around with me. I felt like the universe was stripping me down to the barest of human essentials. For better or worse, I have spent the last five or six years or so stripping myself down to become the purest form of me.

A year ago on my birthday, I proclaimed that I wanted to spend the next decade traveling. I spent the whole following year visualizing it and on my latest birthday I found the means to make those first steps happen.

I knew that a shift was on the horizon. Over the past six months or so, there was a feeling in the air that only I could feel. I would tell people that I felt the change, the shift, like static. Sometimes I felt like I was getting bumped into the future, even though the future wasn’t quite ready for me yet. No one believed me. I started telling my friends earlier in the year that I would be making some changes – getting a new van, traveling some more, making more of my own work – and they would shake their heads and play along.

I knew it was coming.

When the shift arrived, even though I was prepared for it, it was overwhelming. It still is, but I’m getting used to it.

Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15, where it will stay until my birthday in 2026. That may mean nothing to you. Uranus transits usually mean nothing to most people, especially to those who think that astrology is just a bunch of hooey. But I’ve been waiting my whole life for this one. This transit signifies a freeing up of sorts, it’s a change maker for folks like me.

Where I have been stuck, I am now free. At least somewhat.

The first thing that happened after May 15th was my purchase of a new van. I love my little blue Escape Pod, but she can no longer take me where I need to go. She needs more work and restoration than I can afford right now, and it was less expensive to just go ahead and purchase a new machine. So I did.

I’m currently outfitting the as of yet unnamed monster van into a living space. All the neighbors have been around to peer in on my progress. I’m becoming less overwhelmed with the project and feeling more creative with the possibilities of what the future might hold.

Experimenting With The iPhone X In Portrait Mode

Flowers in the garden.
Flowers in the garden.

I’ve started mucking about with the portrait mode settings on the iPhone X. I started with flowers in the garden. It’s still a little glitchy, but overall, I like the black fill in.

In general, I’m loving the iPhone X camera. Which is a good thing, because that is the only reason why I bought the phone.

I haven’t quite figured out how to take purposefully blurred images, which I love to make with grasses and other plants. My old iPhone 4 was very good at that.

Have you worked with it? Thoughts? Down in the comments, please!



Nostalgia is a sweet thing.

My first trip to Europe lasted about six months and most of my wanderings around the streets of many European cities, towns, and villages were in a pair of black espadrilles similar to the ones in this image. They cost me about a buck fifty at Tati in Paris and lasted most of a summer.

This style of shoe has always been a sort of touchstone to that first trip out of the US. For some reason I have recently been feeling nostalgic for that experience.

So I ordered a pair online. They came in the mail the other day. No longer cheap, but I loved slipping them onto my feet. I don’t see people wearing these anymore – most folks now wear those Tom’s flats that have a similar look but are not the same – but I don’t care. I love the memories that they bring back for me.

Do you remember these shoes from your travels? Is there something like this that is a memory touchstone for you when you feel nostalgic for past travel experiences?

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Roots Abstract

Roots Abstract

Roots can be very creepy, especially when they are freshly exposed from pulling their more photosensitive bits out of the dirt. But these roots, all clean and white and fresh, all squiggly and chaotic, were not creepy. In fact, the longer they were stared at the more fascinating they became.

I found these at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

There are many more of my images in my Alamy/Stockimo account that you can purchase.

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Jonathan L. Clark At Smith Andersen North

Jonathan L. Clark
Jonathan L. Clark

GATOR TIME: Gulf Variations is an exhibition debuting a new series of photographs by Jonathan L. Clark. Made between 2016 and 2018, these dramatic large-scale color prints reflect Clark’s interest in the interplay between the man-made and natural worlds. In a sequence of more than eighteen photographs, Clark’s painterly images depict a condominium tower reflected in the waters of a secluded bayou on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Over several years, the artist returned to the same spot, documenting the building’s mirrored image as it shifted with the light of day, movement of water, and the occasional curious alligator. Clark states, “The interplay of substance and reflection becomes a dialogue with nature, creating ever-changing metaphors of reality that the camera alone can capture and preserve.” The resulting photographs, diversely abstract and contemplative, plumb the ambiguous qualities of the reflected image.

A limited-edition artist’s book crafted by the photographer entitled Gulf Variations will be available for purchase at the gallery.

JONATHAN L. CLARK is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area whose work also encompasses the creation of books using letterpress, gravure, and digital printing techniques.

GATOR TIME: Gulf Variations
Recent Photographs by Jonathan L. Clark

Exhibition Dates: APRIL 21 – JUNE 9, 2018
Opening Reception: April 21, 2018 from 6pm – 8:30pm

Smith Andersen North
20 Greenfield Avenue
San Anselmo, CA