Change Is Good, Right?

Change Is In The Making

Sitting out my Saturn transits – and lucky me had two weird ones in a row! – I wondered if I was ever going to be able to break out and be me again in this lifetime. My life had become a constant search for lunch money, job rejections, and trying to maintain my sanity. There was no travel. No art. My creativity existed mostly in my mind and at the very most, on my laptop and in a sketchbook that I carry around with me. I felt like the universe was stripping me down to the barest of human essentials. For better or worse, I have spent the last five or six years or so stripping myself down to become the purest form of me.

A year ago on my birthday, I proclaimed that I wanted to spend the next decade traveling. I spent the whole following year visualizing it and on my latest birthday I found the means to make those first steps happen.

I knew that a shift was on the horizon. Over the past six months or so, there was a feeling in the air that only I could feel. I would tell people that I felt the change, the shift, like static. Sometimes I felt like I was getting bumped into the future, even though the future wasn’t quite ready for me yet. No one believed me. I started telling my friends earlier in the year that I would be making some changes – getting a new van, traveling some more, making more of my own work – and they would shake their heads and play along.

I knew it was coming.

When the shift arrived, even though I was prepared for it, it was overwhelming. It still is, but I’m getting used to it.

Uranus moved into Taurus on May 15, where it will stay until my birthday in 2026. That may mean nothing to you. Uranus transits usually mean nothing to most people, especially to those who think that astrology is just a bunch of hooey. But I’ve been waiting my whole life for this one. This transit signifies a freeing up of sorts, it’s a change maker for folks like me.

Where I have been stuck, I am now free. At least somewhat.

The first thing that happened after May 15th was my purchase of a new van. I love my little blue Escape Pod, but she can no longer take me where I need to go. She needs more work and restoration than I can afford right now, and it was less expensive to just go ahead and purchase a new machine. So I did.

I’m currently outfitting the as of yet unnamed monster van into a living space. All the neighbors have been around to peer in on my progress. I’m becoming less overwhelmed with the project and feeling more creative with the possibilities of what the future might hold.

Roots Abstract

Roots Abstract

Roots can be very creepy, especially when they are freshly exposed from pulling their more photosensitive bits out of the dirt. But these roots, all clean and white and fresh, all squiggly and chaotic, were not creepy. In fact, the longer they were stared at the more fascinating they became.

I found these at the Berkeley Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

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My astrological horoscope for the year says that travel and creativity and growing and learning will be my main focus for 2018. That excites me. Wouldn’t that excite you? Astrologically speaking, I’ve been in waiting mode for quite some time. Years. But that Saturn moving into Capricorn thing that happened last week supposedly cleared the path for me to start moving forward again.

In the past, when my chart called for travel, it usually ended up meaning that someone else was traveling and I was actually house sitting. We shall see what this year shall bring.

Right now though, I’m sitting in my friend’s house, lounging on her pillows and getting my year started.

What does your chart say is in store for you?

What are you up to?

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Blue Bowl Blueberries

Blue Bowl Blueberries


No fruit says summer like blueberries. When I was a kid, my uncle had a large blueberry patch up on the hill behind my grandmother’s house. We would spend lazy summer days picking them and eating them. I don’t recall any of them making them back down to the house.

What fruit says summer to you?

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