Smokey Skies In The Bay Area

Kradel: Smokey skies in The Bay Area
Smokey skies in The Bay Area

If your travels are bringing you to The Bay Area this week, or for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, be prepared for smokey skies and toxic air. It looks like we won’t get a reprieve until Thanksgiving when we are expecting a little rain – which should help with putting the fires out and clearing the smoke out of the air. The only other thing that might help is a change in the direction of the incoming wind. Until then, stock up on at least one, if not more, of the N95 masks as they truly do make breathing and walking around in this soup a lot easier. Check the AQI (Air Quality Index) often. Any number on the index above 150 is worthy of wearing a mask.

I’m sorry if this is going to be your one and only visit to our usually beautiful area. Look for things to do inside – if businesses are keeping their doors closed the air inside will probably not be too bothersome. When outdoors, walk a little slower, take breaks, and lay off the strenuous activities – you might want to bus/taxi up those hills rather than walk them.

We love it here and are waiting out Mother Nature.

The image was taken in Berkeley on November 9, 2018. We thought it would be just a few days of smokey air.

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