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Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms works in platinum
Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms works in platinum

Ancient Kingdoms presents a collection of platinum prints by Beth Moon spanning nearly two decades of work and images from four discrete projects. Portraits of Time depicts the grace and endurance of ancient trees, Thy Kingdom Come focuses on totem-like beliefs and practices connecting man to animal, Odin’s Cove celebrates natural beauty and a sense of place through an extended portrait of two ravens, and Augurs and Soothsayers is a series of intimate hen portraits confronting our removed relationship with animals.

While the subject matter varies widely from tree portraits to a spiritual journey, the overarching themes of Moon’s work including humanity’s relationship with nature, a fascination with time, resilience, and survival serve to unify the exhibition. In essence, Moon’s images utilize the history of the plant and animal kingdoms to ask beautiful questions about our relativity to nature while challenging us to respect and acknowledge our place within the greater lifecycle – which both precedes us and will outlast our time on earth. Subtle but triumphant, Moon’s prints often evoke a primal ache, a sense of wistful wonder, and an urge to connect with the wild.

Beth Moon is a Connecticut-based photographer who has exhibited widely nationally and internationally,

Beth Moon: Ancient Kingdoms works in platinum
Exhibition Dates: September 28 – November 24, 2018
Opening Reception & Book Signing: Friday, September 28, 5pm – 7pm

SANTA FE, NM 87501

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