Leslie Hewitt At Perrotin Paris

Riffs on Real Time with Ground (Gold) Traditional chromogenic print, silver gelatin print. 102.9 x 154.9 cm | 40 1/2 x 61 in
Riffs on Real Time with Ground (Gold) Traditional chromogenic print, silver gelatin print. 102.9 x 154.9 cm | 40 1/2 x 61 in

For her first exhibition at Perrotin Paris, the American artist Leslie Hewitt (born in 1977 in New York) presents a new set of photographs drawn from the series Riffs on Real Time. The set is accompanied by a new trajectory including colour grounds (unobstructed photograms and digital chromogenic prints) and minimalist sculptures.

Associating vernacular snapshots with archival documents photographed against textured motifs, the compositions that make up Riffs on Real Time are rooted in an idiosyncratic reaction to post civil rights and postindustrial americana (1950–89). The complex arrangement of the material brings to mind Photoshop-based montages and the visual manipulations that are spread online, and invites us to question, in the tradition of conceptual American photography (John Baldessari, Allan Sekula, Taryn Simon, etc.), the power that we generally attribute to this medium, i.e. the power to bear witness to the past objectively, to shape our memory, to build a collective history.

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Pour sa première exposition à la galerie Perrotin de Paris, l’artiste américaine Leslie Hewitt (née en 1977 à New York) présente un nouvel ensemble de photographies issues de la série Riffs on Real Time, accompagné de fonds colorés (photogrammes non-obstrués, tirages digitaux à développement chromogène), et de sculptures minimalistes.

Associant instantanés et documents d’archive photographiés sur des motifs texturés, les compositions de Riffs on Real Time s’enracinent dans l’Amérique post-industrielle, en lien avec les mouvement des droits civiques (1950-1989). Leur agencement complexe rappelle les montages Photoshop ou les manipulations visuelles diffusées sur Internet, et nous invite à remettre en question, dans la lignée de la photographie conceptuelle américaine (John Baldessari, Allan Sekula, Taryn Simon…), le pouvoir que l’on attribue habituellement à ce médium. À savoir : témoigner objectivement du passé, nourrir notre mémoire, et bâtir une histoire collective.

Leslie Hewitt
Les Dates: 6 septembre – 6 octobre 2018
Vernissage: jeudi 6 septembre, 16h – 21h

Exhibtion Dates: September 6 – October 6, 2018
Opening: Thursday September 6, 4pm – 9pm

75003 Paris

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