Encounters at PDX Contemporary

Tsubasa Kato, Underground Orchestra
Tsubasa Kato, Underground Orchestra

PDX CONTEMPORARY ART, in collaboration with End of Summer, presents Encounters, a group exhibition featuring six Japanese artists from the End of Summer residency program and five PDX CONTEMPORARY ART artists that are influenced by Japanese art and culture or are themselves Japanese.

Encounters brings together a group of artists from Japan whose untethered practices take shape through projects conducted internationally, with U.S. based artists who have looked toward Japan for sources of formal or philosophical inspiration. Encounters speaks broadly to the meeting of unexpected or unacquainted subjects, brought into relation and into action with each other. The setting for these “encounters” are our increasingly interconnected, globalized societies, where culture, language, history and everyday material realities are being constantly processed through forms of translation.

The six artists from Japan in the exhibition previously participated in the End of Summer residency program together, in Portland, Oregon in August 2016. End of Summer is a cross-cultural art program based out of the Yale Union contemporary art center. It is comprised of an annual summer residency for artists from Japan, as well as a lecture series. Outside of this core summer program, symposiums, exhibitions and other related projects are also organized in Japan, and internationally.

Participating Artists:

  • Itsuki Kaito is a Kyoto based painter. Kaito creates mythological stories and characters for contemporary times, materializing
    the virtual world in which they exist, as paintings on canvas.
  • Tsubasa Kato is a Tokyo-based contemporary artist. His exhibitions incorporate elements of structural sculpture,
    film and photography from the context of his communal, praxis-oriented projects.
  • Mayrhofer-Ohata is a internationally active duo based in Paris comprised of Joseph Mayrhofer and Sayaka Ohata.
    Nao Osada is a Tokyo based artist whose practice employs printmaking, photography, video and found material to
    create sculptural and installation based work.
  • Masumi Kawamura is Japan based artist. Her interest in human relationships has led to a series of video and
    photographic works based on the relationship between mother and daughter.
  • Masashi Echigo is an artist based between Berlin, Germany and Shodoshima, Japan.
  • Masao Yamamoto is a Japanese based photographer.
  • Nancy Lorenz is a New York based artist. When Lorenz was a teen her family moved to Japan and she spent all
    of her high school years there.
  • Jeffry Mitchell is a Seattle based artist. Shortly after he received his BA, Mitchell moved to Japan and spent two
    years apprenticing with a potter at one of Japan’s Six Ancient Kilns after which he returned to the US and received
    his MFA from the Tyler School of Art.
  • Adam Sorensen is a Portland based painter. Originating from his own imagination, Sorensen’s landscapes draw
    equally from pop-culture aesthetics, ukiyo-e traditions of Japanese woodcuts, the Hudson River School, and
    painters of the American West.
  • Storm Tharp is a Portland based artist. Fluent in a diversity of media, Tharp’s work is predominantly concerned
    with the importance of color, line, figuration and the characters of each.
Masashi Echigo, Made in China
Masashi Echigo, Made in China

Exhibition Dates: August 30 – September 29, 2018

925 NW Flanders Street
Portland OR 97209

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