Tacos At Glena’s

Tofu Taco at Glena's
Tofu Taco at Glena’s

Every time I am in San Francisco my friend N. and I get together for lunch. N. was my Project Manager when I was a Quality Assurance Engineer working on a home office router project. That’s how we met. Those were the days. Busy, busy. Anyway, neither one of us is working these days, we’re still busy though, just doing other things, and both of us have pretty much given up the job search. Every couple of month’s we get together to catch up.

Today we headed off to Glena’s for tacos. Neither one of us had been here before, but I saw this place recommended by a friend on facebook a while back. I’m always up for a good taco – cheap, midlin, or even expensive, I don’t care! When we arrived the place was full of lunchers and our two choices for seats were two at the bar or two outside – and being August in San Francisco and heavy sweater weather cold, we opted for the two bar stools inside.

Cut to the chase. We had a great waitress at the bar whose name I did not get. I had one of the vegetarian options – the Tofu Taco, pictured above – and a glass of yummy fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. The grapefruit juice was made more yummy because it was served at room temperature. N. had both a Tofu Taco and a Pescado. We shared an order of chips, that came with three types of delightful salsas, and guacamole. The Tofu Tacos were made with Hodo Soy tofu – a locally made organic brand of tofu – and despite it being tofu, the taco was quite tasty. That also probably had something to do with the flavor of the hand-pressed corn tortilla that it was served on. I love it when corn tortillas by themselves are actually filled with flavor! N. said that the Pescado (fish) Taco was a bit bland. Next time I’m sure she will slather it with one of the salsas from the side of chips.

Glena’s menu offers a wide variety of cocktails, beer, and wine along with the compact menu of tacos, plates and sides. Despite me being a vegetarian, their meaty plates looked like they are delicious. The space is small and seems like a great place for a one-on-one casual meeting.

632 20th St,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Parking at lunchtime was difficult but not impossible.

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