Kenny Scharf Presents the Cosmic Cavern At Minnesota Street Projects

A Classic Timepiece Meets A Timeless Classic

Celebrating 90 years of Mickey Mouse’s influence on art and pop culture, Disney is proud to present legendary artist Kenny Scharf’s latest Cosmic Cavern installation. This two week installation kicks off the world-wide countdown to Mickey’s 90th anniversary.

Inspired by one of Disney’s first licensed products, the Mickey Mouse watch, this Cosmic Cavern transforms the classic timepiece into an immersive, day-glo, fluorescent, blacklight world. Kenny Scharf’s work is a surreal journey into his personal connection with the character and the timelessness of both Scharf and Mickey’s contributions to visual culture. Fans at home can experience a 360° tour of the installation at:

Kenny Scharf rose to prominence in the early 1980s as a New York street artist and muralist. His interdisciplinary practice consists of design, sculpture, installations, performance and video as well as painting. Always aspiring to reach a broad audience, Scharf has fearlessly produced art through commercial collaborations, merchandising, and public work. Throughout his more than 30 year art practice, Scharf has broken down the boundaries of fine art by intrinsically connecting with popular culture to bring it to a wider audience. This installation exemplifies his practice by working with the world’s most recognized and celebrated character, Mickey Mouse.

After the installation closes in San Francisco, it will then travel to New York City where it will be viewable from November 2018 – February 2019 at “Mickey: The True Original Exhibition,” an immersive art experience inspired by Mickey’s status as a ‘true original’ & his consistent impact on the arts in all its forms. Curated by artist Darren Romanelli, aka DRx, the exhibit will feature original works from top global artists including Kenny Scharf, Amanda Ross-Ho and Shinique Smith, as well as select Mickey-inspired works from a variety of other artists.

Tickets are on sale now at

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Kenny Scharf Presents the Cosmic Cavern
Exhibition Dates: August 22 -September 1, 2018

Minnesota Street Projects
Gallery 104
1275 Minnesota Street
San Francisco, CA

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