Nostalgia is a sweet thing.

My first trip to Europe lasted about six months and most of my wanderings around the streets of many European cities, towns, and villages were in a pair of black espadrilles similar to the ones in this image. They cost me about a buck fifty at Tati in Paris and lasted most of a summer.

This style of shoe has always been a sort of touchstone to that first trip out of the US. For some reason I have recently been feeling nostalgic for that experience.

So I ordered a pair online. They came in the mail the other day. No longer cheap, but I loved slipping them onto my feet. I don’t see people wearing these anymore – most folks now wear those Tom’s flats that have a similar look but are not the same – but I don’t care. I love the memories that they bring back for me.

Do you remember these shoes from your travels? Is there something like this that is a memory touchstone for you when you feel nostalgic for past travel experiences?

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