Poll: How To Publish Press Releases?

One of the main goals of artist-at-large.com is to inform travelers of exhibitions, performances, and cultural events that will be happening at their destination. I go through phases of publishing the press releases that I receive from galleries, museums, festivals, etc. I usually publish only the meat of the release in the content, and then separate out the locations, dates, and time.

As someone who has written press releases in the past for other’s projects, my understanding is that the press release is just a release of information, for a publication to use as they wish – reference for an article, or as a complete post in and of itself. I have never been emotionally attached to the press releases that I write. I always wrote them to be used by whoever wanted to use them.

So that’s how I felt about the press releases that I received. Use them. The galleries, museums, festivals, etc. will be happy for the coverage.

Until I was accused of plagiarism.

So instead of sorting through the press releases and picking out the troublemakers, I decided not to publish them at all and give the galleries, museums, artists, festivals, etc. their own place to publish their own announcements. But only a few have taken me up on that offer.

So here is the poll.

Given that I only publish the meat of the release – I cut the first and last paragraphs – and I do the translations on the foreign language ones that I know – and sometimes I will edit into plain English from the ArtSpeak – here are my poll choices:

What should I do with Press Releases?

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Please add your comments below. Seriously. I am very confused about how to use press release announcements.

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