PhotoClub Challenge: Orange/s

What is the PhotoClub Challenge?

Are you out of ideas? Check in here on Mondays for a weekly 7-day photography challenge to get your vision roaming!

Each week the challenge requires that you take 36 images during the following 7 days. Your deadline is always next Monday morning for the current week’s challenge. The challenges might be thought provoking, might be silly, and could even be tedious.

This Week’s Challenge: Orange/s

This next assignment-challenge in PhotoClub is focused on Orange/s.

This week’s challenge is to take 36 images that represent the subject of Orange/s. It’s the season for citrus fruit, but the challenge could also be about color. The goal is to get at least one photograph, that represents the idea of Orange/s – it could be anything from images of the fruit, color, texture, still life, a solitary orange or a group of oranges, orange and oranges in relation to each other … Out of the 36 images, there should be one (or more) images that if I, or other members of the group, looked at it, we’d be able to guess this week’s subject.

Images should be in color but if you are creative enough, they could be in black and white.

Make sure that the composition of your images are 100% about the challenge.

Use your camera as the cropping tool and post full/uncropped images.

It’s nice if you go deep with your concepts, but you can swim on the shallow end as well.

The challenge is 36 studies of Orange/s as the main subject in the photographs, all taken in the next 7-days and posted in a gallery on your blog or web site by next Monday. Post the link to the gallery below by commenting on this post and we’ll come over and comment on what we see, how and if, it visually answered the challenge.

** OR **

You can also post images in the Orange/s forum on the site (look in the Shutterbugs Group).

Always experiment with variations on the weekly theme within the subjects of the challenge – composition, contrast, shape, texture, colors, shadow …

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