The Ultimate Gift For The Artist In Your Life

Artists are so difficult to buy for. You want to get something useful, but most artists are brand loyal to their art supplies. You’d have to raid their studio to see what might work for them. They don’t wear ties, and they already have too many hats.

There is one thing that you can purchase for an artist that will ALWAYS be a appreciated.

The black sketchbook.

Artists love blank pages – no lines – and sometimes they like grid pages – for both writing and drawing. They can use them in the studio, or tuck them into their backpacks to draw and write in while they are at the cafe. Below I’ve chosen a watercolor sketchbook and a plain, a plain paper notebook that is good for notetaking or simple sketching, and high quality heavy paper sketchbook.

These notebooks, in a smaller size, are handy for travelers, or artists who travel too!

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