Red Bell Pepper Compost
Red Bell Pepper Compost

I used to go to the Monday kitchen every week to volunteer my time to make lunch for the folks of Berkeley who needed it. We didn’t/don’t discriminate as to whom we serve in People’s Park in Berkeley. Anyone who is hungry can come on over at 3pm for some rice and beans and whatever veggies were donated to the kitchen.

I hadn’t been to the kitchen in a very long time, over a year maybe, but I had time on my hands this week and decided to stop by. My task was to prep the organic red bell peppers, which I did. I washed and discarded the innards in the same container so the seeds wouldn’t go down the drain. I went to dump the water when I realized that I was a tad mesmerized by the composition floating there. If you didn’t know they were red bell pepper innards, it would take a while to figure it out. Abstract almost.

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