Lucas + Oakland = Star Wars

Lucas + Oakland = Star Wars

Maybe, maybe not.

Maybe this is a sort of Mandela Effect, as I remember the original Walkers looking more like these horse-like cranes than the images of the Walkers that I’m currently seeing online when I search for them.

The Crane Walkers in the above image were found near 3rd and Market in Jack London Square in West Oakland as I was passing by in my car one evening. They are an ever present fixture in our local landscape. There has been a rumor for years, decades actually, that Lucas found his inspiration for the Walkers in these very cranes that sit at the Port of Oakland. Not so outlandish, as he does live in the Bay Area. But he denied the folk tale on record a few years ago with San Francisco Chronicle journalist Peter Hartlaub.

I do love the daily Sci-Fi feel they lend to the neighborhood.

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