Week One: Uber Observations

Driving with Uber has really taken me out of my day-to-day reality. I’ve been to more places in the last few days than I have been in five years. Places both familiar and strange. I’ve had extremely diverse riders, including other Uber drivers and Uber employees.

Here are a few observations I’ve made about humanity in my first week of driving.

Teenagers are obnoxious. Cute. But obnoxious. They also don’t know where they are. Maybe I was an anomaly when I was a kid, but I loved maps and relating them to my surroundings. I loved looking at different ways to get from here to there. I could give my Mom driving directions on how to get to far away places I had only been to once before in my wee little life. The teenagers I’ve driven totally freaked out when I asked them anything related to direction. They have no idea where they are on the planet. They are totally dependent on the GPS system, ie: Tech. It makes me fear for our future and I wonder if the Singularity and Transhumanism already have their roots wrapped securely into our lives. If I have to come back to this planet, in my next life I want to remember to stay connected to nature and to find things out for myself – and go out and get lost.

Disposition. There is no rhyme or reason as to who likes to talk, who wants to be silent, or who is suffering from a hangover. Some people want to make sure you are going in the right direction, others will huff and puff in the back seat if you make a wrong turn or study the GPS for too long.

Direction. Which makes a good segue into this next point … If I miss a turn, it’s because I truly missed it probably because the GPS was lagging – believe me, I am not trying to extend our trip.

Music. The number of people who are impressed with the Classical music I have on the radio is truly surprising. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but people have mentioned that it’s a nice respite from the sounds that are happening in other Uber cars.

And finally …

Tips. Even if tips were not ok with Uber, I’d be telling you to tip your Uber driver. ESPECIALLY when you take them ten, twenty, or thirty miles out into the middle of no frakking where with no chance of finding a fare back to town. Even if you are just coming home from work, and going between the train station and home, throw some coins into that cupholder.

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