Land At New Image Art Santa Monica


New Image Art is presenting a full-gallery solo exhibition by Land with guest curation by Amber Abramson, of Busy-Being. This show presented in the main gallery along with sculpture in the project room includes antediluvian wall works and installation that harks back to lost civilizations.

Works are frontal and graphic and modestly 3D. In their primitive pursuit of iconography, works exist on found canvas and discarded materials, color is muted while familiar symbols take us on an archeological journey. The artists strive to confront the relationship between nature and time, while searching for man’s place among the rocks.

Purposeful constructions constitute a huge resource for investigating the past. It logically comprises much else as well: the dwellings of common people, rural terraces and field systems, sacred caves, burial places, and landmarks of all sorts. Movable, impermanent or perishable structures, such as scaffolds, arbors, banners, and litters that have left no material traces but can be inferred from iconography and epigraphy, are also included.

The excitement in this enterprise is discovering useful patterns; the danger is that we can create them to suit our own intellectual needs, as in the sum total of all purposeful human modifications of the landscape. Hence, the search for man’s place among the rocks and the title “Swamp of Time.”

Exhibition Dates: June 11 – July 13, 2016
Opening Reception: June 11, 2016 from 7 – 10pm

New Image Art
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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