The Presence of Light At The Taos Town Hall

The Presence of Light
The Presence of Light

Guest Curator Pattie Traynor invited photographers who reflect an expansive approach to the medium’s process and technology. Steve Bundy and Steve Immel moved from “wet” film to digital including photoshop applications while Doug Yeager and Meredith Mason Garcia are engaged with process, sepia tones or composition in the ‘traditional’ darkroom. A wide range of professional experiences and influences includes mentorship with John Sexton for David Farmer and his creation of large format archival prints to self-taught, fully framed compositions in the camera by Debbie Lujan for the serenity her Pueblo home. Each photographer presents images that share their unique connection to subjects, moments in time and places. Lenny Foster describes these as “sacred moments”. For Nat Troy the work provides a context for missions across the provinces of Zharey and Maiwand in Afghanistan. Pattie Traynor’s images create a altar of cultural experiences with people and places in Africa, Vietnam, Cuba and South America. Robbie Steinbach shares color images from travels across the West in an Airstream trailer while Jayni Shuman a recent arrival to Taos shares her responses to the scenic beauty, good people and great live music scene in the area.

The Presence of Light
Steve Bundy, Katharine Egli, David Farmer, Lenny Foster, Meredith Mason Garcia, Steve Immel, Debbie Lujan, Jayni Shuman, Heather Sparrow, Robbie Steinbach, Pattie Traynor, Nat Troy and Doug Yeager.
Exhibition Dates: June 3 – August 5, 2016
Opening Reception: June 3, 2016 from 5 – 7pm

Taos Town Hall

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