Dariusz Labuzek At 111 Minna Gallery San Francisco

“Manhattan Transfer” by Dariusz Labuzek | Acrylic, Ink & Oil on Canvas | 58” x 78” | 2016
“Manhattan Transfer” by Dariusz Labuzek | Acrylic, Ink & Oil on Canvas | 58” x 78” | 2016

Dariusz Labuzek’s primitive style paintings are inherently figurative, yet their naive imagery is predominantly design orientated, has an illustrative quality that is founded on an abstract painterly aesthetic. This juxtaposition of abstraction and design is what makes his pictures so compelling, his figures created as vessels to be filled by textures, colors, and ideas, beautiful compositions that conspire to feed our desire for aesthetically beautiful objects.

Feeding off a very sculptural sensibility – possibly informed by his training as an architect and film maker – Labuzek repeats the same motifs in his paintings, yet each picture is utterly different, his starting point the relationship between painterly concepts such as texture, color, line, and form; This play on ideas gives him space to explore how we see a painting, the depth and nuance of material as well as the potential it has to manipulate how we view the picture plane. Some of his figures look like copper or collage-like cut outs, the rest more illustrative in nature.

Lacrimosa | Dariusz Labuzek Solo Show
Exhibition Dates: June 3 – ?, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, June 3, 2016 from 5pm – Late, with DJ Miss Iggy & Drink Specials All Night

111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

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