Making Bread Salad

Making bread salad in the Food Not Bombs Monday kitchen.

Most Mondays you can find me in a volunteer kitchen making vegan food to give away. All of the food that comes into the kitchen is donated – day-old breads both sweet and savory from bakeries, premade food from stores, and fresh produce from the local farmers’ markets.

Every week it’s a mystery as to what kind of produce will be available. There have been many Mondays where I’ve been flummoxed and googled the available produce to see what kind of salad I could whip up. Today for instance, there was very little lettuce. But there was a LOT of bread. As someone who has gone wheat free, I wasn’t keen on making a bread laced salad, but I didn’t really have a choice.

I toasted the croutons that I cut from the Olive Bread and mixed it with the salad greens, lentil sprouts, some sun-dried tomatoes, shredded carrot and chopped celery – it’s what we had so that’s what I used! I tossed it with a lemony garlic basil-laced vinaigrette.

The product of today's volunteerism at Food Not Bombs ...

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