Stuart McAlpine Miller At The Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery In New York

Stuart McAlpine Miller, Save Me From This Feeling
Stuart McAlpine Miller, Save Me From This Feeling

StuartMcAlpine Miller’s work, identified by startlingly photorealistic compositions, appear at first glance to be collage or an amalgamation of magazine clippings and cartoon imagery. Upon closer examination, the intricate, hand painted works bring these worlds together with subtle tones that create the illusion of transparency. The striking assemblage of commercial imagery and text distills the collective, fractious imagination, challenging the reality of modern image making, alluding to the fading of memories and aspirations.

“McAlpine Miller is a perfect fit for our gallery program,” says Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Gallery Director. “We gravitate toward artists whose works are very distinct. The multi-layering of McAlpine Miller’s work, the fine lines, the concept, the process and the vision, make it incredibly exciting.”

Cartoons, comic book superheroes and fashion models converge and collide in McAlpine Miller’s work, illustrating the unrealistic idealism that these celebrated icons connote – familiar ideas manipulated so as to become decidedly unfamiliar. Challenging the concept of the centerfold, McAlpine Miller questions our standard of beauty and presents an indictment of the increasingly artificial representations of our own desire. McAlpine Miller seems to say, the 21st century façade has become its own art form.

Stuart McAlpine Miller: Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Dates: March 9 – March 30, 2016
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 9th | 6-9 pm

Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery
527 W 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011

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