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Photo Of The Day: Point Zero

Point Zero in front of Notre Dame in Paris.
Point Zero in front of Notre Dame in Paris.

The plaza in front of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris seems to be always full of people. People walking. People standing. People meeting. People waiting. People resting. People talking. People pointing. It’s just a very busy place. Looking into the middle of the fray one might eventually notice an ever changing ring of people standing in the center of the plaza. Rather than looking up at the cathedral, they are looking down at the pavement.

Why are they doing this?

They are looking at Point Zero. The marker at Point Zero is considered to be the center of Paris. It is definitely pointing out the oldest spot in the city. It is from this spot that all roads and distances in France are measured.

It’s a curious spot. A place that could be walked over a million times before ever noticing it.

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