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I’m out of work. I’m bored. Not the entitled kind of bored, but rather that kind of bored that comes from sending resumes out into that big black hole. And I need to pay rent.

That’s the top story of the day. Or the past many months.

There is something to say for getting paid to do the work that I was meant to do. Write. Make art. Make photographs. It’s one of the reasons why the site has lagged behind for awhile – there has been no incentive to do anything, and I’ve really had to look for income generating opportunities and put my attention elsewhere.

But I miss having all of my attention here.

So here is the deal.

For every donation I receive via the PayPal donation button down below, no matter the size, I will write a new story for the site or post a new photograph of the day.

That’s right. A donation of any size.

Once you make your donation, get in touch and let me know where you live, or where you came from, or where your favorite place to travel is located and I will work with my memory to see if I have a story, or a photograph, from the location you pick. You can use the Contact form, or you can join the site and post your choice in the Activity Stream. Maybe I’ve never been to the location you pick – so maybe if it’s on my dream trip list, I’ll write from that perspective. Or maybe you have an emotion, a sensory experience, a food/drink, a bit of music, or a piece of art, an artist, a museum, or anything like that, that would make for a great starting off point for a story.

I’ll also dedicate the story to you and add a link to your project or web site too!

So, go on, what are you waiting for? Drop some cash in that donation box!

I’m looking forward to the stories this project is going to produce!

Please don’t expect an SEO generated article – that is so not what this site is about. Stories will be from my experience or from my memory, or from my wishlist. Please only donate what you can afford to give, as refunds won’t happen. THANKS!

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