Photo Of The Day: Chinatown


The Silver Portal.

Yesterday entailed a personal photographic field trip to San Francisco. I spent the afternoon walking through the back alleys of and streets of Chinatown. In doing so, I found The Silver Portal on Spofford Street, a little narrow alley one block up from Waverly Place.

Listening to the clickity clack of the mah jongg tiles as it echoed through the alley, I watched a woman run down the stairs into the basement of a building a few doors down, where a collection of women was gathered to play their afternoon game. There were a number of buildings that caught my eye in this alley, but none so much as this silver portal. So shiny. It must have been painted recently as there were no marks on the gates other than the number 54.

Wouldn’t it be funny, or cool, or entertaining, if it was some sort of highly spiritual portal, or a door into a time machine?

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