Photo Of The Day: More Clouds

I love cloud formations, so I’m always looking towards the sky. As the dog and I were finishing our walk yesterday morning, the sky was a clear, crisp, blue. The sun light was so bright that even with my sunglasses my eyes were hurting. We went into the house and I went into the backyard to hang something on the clothesline. Still, a crisp clear blue sky. Then I grabbed my bag and was off to BART and when I left the house, this is what I saw – the formation suddenly appeared.

No one else seemed to think this formation was strange, and I even saw other people around the Bay Area posting winter sky pictures from yesterday – some hinted at this formation, but no one else seemed to have captured it.

More: My attention was just brought to this – it’s called a Fallstreak hole and was probably caused by an airplane, which is why it appeared so suddenly.

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