Photo Of The Day: Pod Living Hack


Drying out my wet socks in front of the fire at the library before the place gets busy.

Given California’s intense need of bestowments from the Rain Gods, one of the things I promised not to do this fall and winter was complain if it rained. Pod living can be miserable in the rain – with everything inside the pod getting damp just from the moisture in the air. By everything I mean clothes, blankets, food, towels, etc. Trying not to spend too much time in the pod when it’s raining also makes for a very wet me. But I have decided to “choose” liking being wet this year, because, otherwise, I might just be miserable.

One of the best places to choose to be wet is in my neighborhood library. There are places to stash the umbrellas and there are two fireplaces to sit next to to keep warm. On most days the library is kept on the cool side, I suppose in hopes to keep people from camping out in here. But when it rains, or even if it’s just cool outside, the librarians will turn on the fireplaces.

Right now it is quiet, and warm and cozy. I wish I had thought to bring a giant cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream, but my Superfood Smoothie will have to do. Drinks are allowed as long as they have a lid.

Rain is starting a bit early in the fall and I hope, for everyone’s sake, that’s a good sign.

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