Pod Life: The Recyclers

This morning I was all set to sleep in a bit, given that it’s a holiday, the library is closed which means that I have to space out my cafe time differently today so I can get some work done.


About 7am I was awoken by a shopping cart rattling around and people talking loudly to each other – it’s recycling day, so the the recyclers are out, the ones that take the bottles and cans out of the bins before the trucks roll around to collect them.

The metallic rattling sound of the cans against the shopping cart gets louder and louder and then it stops right in front of the pod. Commence the squishing of plastic bottles and soda cans. This is when the recycler puts a plastic bottle or can on the street and smashes it with his foot. It’s an obnoxious sound.

Did I get up and tell them to go home and do that and wake up their own neighbors?

Why yes. Yes I did.

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