Short Update Going Into June

Caterpillars eventually turn into butterflies, after sleeping and shedding and morphing into a creature with beautifully designed wings made from something that looks like tissue paper – like something created out of the mind of da Vinci. Then they take flight and create a brand new life, one that includes the life they had before as a crawler on plants, but they also take on a new expanded life full of so much more – flight and new sights and new sounds. Once they emerge, they have become a whole new, beautiful, delicate, creature.

It wasn’t that they weren’t whole, beautiful, or delicate before. They just became … more of that. Much more.

My life has taken on the same sort of metamorphosis.

I’m not exactly sure how this is all going to play out. My belief systems have been hacked (in a good way), my tech has all choked and died, The Escape Pod will not move more than a few blocks at a time without feigning sickness, like a five year old child trying to get out of going to school. It is as if I am not meant to move, but instead that I should stay still, remain where I am (until my next assigned place beckons to me), to be within the deep silence, to hold the light and prepare. It’s like I’ve been put in that tupperware container with the holes poked into it that my Dad made for me when I was wee – the one that we put the white fluffball into – and he told me to just wait, to check the container every day, but just be patient and wait – and then one day … POOF! Magic! That’s the feeling I’m getting, that I’m incubating. We’re all incubating. We’re all going through a metamorphosis.

In the past month and half, I’ve had some crazy beautiful and some crazy crazy expansive things happen that have sort of given me an inkling of where this is all headed. Small things, big things, life experiences, learning experiences. So many people think that when they get to the age I am that they can sit back and relax – the work is over, the time for that end of life vacation has come.

That is just not happening – not for me. Everything is changing. Everything is just beginning. We’ll just see where it leads.

Explore your day with your eyes heart mind wide open and see where it leads you.

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