New Year – Old Things Reinvented

I couldn’t help myself. Really. It’s no fun blogging here by myself so I just resurrected the microblogging community stream back onto artist-at-large. It was just getting too quiet.

Since the site is on a new much less expensive hosting plan, and artist-at-large is considerably down-sized and more compact, subscriptions are now free, I don’t know if it works (go for it and let me know), and it includes just the Activity Stream so far. I’m not activating individual blogs or groups or any of other higher maintenance stuff. I also won’t care too much about complaints … but yeah, let me know if your sign up process works or not.

Scroll over the “Activity” link in the menu above ^ to find the registration page.

artist-at-large as a whole is now more personal, casual, and low-key, so there won’t be any beta testing or business-y stuff on my end. I might re-introduce advertising, but I’m not keen on that. If it gets too big to handle (which I doubt it will), I’ll revisit this.

The Stream (Site Activity) works kind of like a cross between twitter and facebook, but we stay on-topic.

What does that mean?

Topics for community discussion – art, all aspects of cultural travel, photography, writing, high-brow, low-brow, post links to art and travel news that you find out on the web and links to your exhibitions, workshops, blog posts, etc.. Read the “About” and “Minutiae” pages for ideas. SPAM, which includes self-promotion overload combined with little interaction with other site subscribers, will not be tolerated (feel free to mark status updates as spam if they truly are so). Please do not use the space as just another link farm for your own blogs. We’re here to share information, mentor, guide, and learn from each other.

Oh, and keep it reasonably clean, so the kids can visit. Life drawings? Yes. Adult stuff like bondage or explicit sex? NO. Also let’s keep an eye on fun professionalism.

Starting Over

This community is starting from scratch. If you were a member of the old one, you still have to create a new profile/login, etc. When you register, the “Username” is your @ name.

The big why?

Why combine cultural travel with artists? It’s a win-win for artists for finding new eyeballs to see, and potentially purchase, your work. For cultural travelers, it’s a way to make your travels more interesting – meet artists and purchase work, or find a workshop or a tour led by an artist, in the places you visit!

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