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Take the N-Judah from one end of San Francisco to the other.
Take the N-Judah from one end of San Francisco to the other.

Commute\ Chinese man picking his nose on the streetcar. Nicely suited Asian woman on her way to work, leans forward to blow her snot filled nose onto the street. Pitbull pooping on the corner. Black young man sleeping soundly in the middle of the sidewalk in the 10 am sun while people walk around him. Old white lady farts. Chubby Japanese mother with chubby Japanese teenage daughter, conservatively dressed with flip-flops and bright metallic blue nail polish on her chubby little toes. Drunken big white boys eating messy mustardy hot dogs. Tall beautiful European woman with two small children and two small bicycles gets on streetcar in too short dress. Skinny white nerdy guy writing pages worth of words in his journal in insanely small handwriting. Young Vietnamese girl with purple cap and scarf, riding alone on the streetcar, sleeps soundly through all of the stops. Odor of skunk. Young angry black man throws a half a cup of coffee down the aisle for no reason other than that he is a young angry black man. Driver wearing purple latex gloves protects himself against the germs of humanity that his riders carry, neverminding the guns. Young white teenage boy is violently yanked off the streetcar for not paying his fare. Young white nouveau hippie guy with dreds uses the hold-on-while-you-stand bars running along the top of the car to perform gymnastic tricks. Driver passes stops as people yell at him. I get off the streetcar. /Commute.

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