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The Rest of the Magical Story


Breathe in. Breathe out.

Magical is a relative term, depending on who is experiencing it and what the expected outcome of that experience is.

It’s hard to be a writer and write about a magical experience with Daniel Pool Pech without sounding just a little bit kooky. After all, he is Maya, a Shaman of sorts, an untrained masseur of sorts, he talks to God in his dreams, he chants while he works, and people trust not only their entire bodies – sometimes sick ones at that – to Daniel, but their life energy too.

That above all else is a testament to Daniel, that people trust him.

When I signed up for my healing massage with Daniel I had no idea what I was signing up for. I was in Tulum to see what was there, to get some sun, get away from my so-called-life, and to have experiences and write about them, when someone lightly suggested that I have a healing massage with Daniel.

I was not sick or un-healed when I went to see him, or so I thought. Sure, I had a lifelong stiff neck, a back that I really have to watch out for, and I was overweight, but nothing in the extreme. My head is on straight, even though my friends and family question that more often than not. But starting within the few hours after my healing massage my life started noticeably changing.

Getting a massage can be a hit or miss experience. Finding a good masseur/masseuse, and connecting with them, is key. Some massages last only as long as the massage. Others will last for an hour or two after you leave the room and then your body will start feeling ‘normal’ again. Knowing that a massage, and the hands that give it to you, are a tool, and not a cure for what is ailing you is important. If you have a massage to help an ailing back, you also have to learn what not to do to your back to make it hurt again. If you are having a massage to open up your energy channels, well, you also have to know how to keep them open on your own. And if you’ve had a few massages in your life, you can probably tell a good one from a not so good one.

Which is why I can say my magical experience with Daniel can be described as like a light switch had been turned on and my entire being lit up.

Within an hour of seeing him, I could feel myself starting to lose toxins, a sensation that felt like needles were shooting out of every pore of my body. I could feel the energy moving through me – all channels were open and operative. The next day, in my mind, I noticeably started seeing beyond the illusion of my life. That morning I really felt like I was on center, that my power had returned to me – something I hadn’t really realized I was missing. In spite of that I cried almost the entire flight home, for no real reason. And when I got off the plane at SFO, I had no desire to even lay eyes on my boyfriend, much to his chagrin.

For days after my massage I could still feel Daniel’s hands on my skin, very lightly working my muscles. The toxic needles shooting out of my body became less intense as time went by. For the first week, after my return to SFO, I found myself in a waking dream in the middle of each night. I would awake with Daniel’s thumb pressing on the edge of my sternum. Time to roll over, he would telepathically say. Rolling over, I would go back to sleep and would wake in the morning refreshed. I think the only reason why I stopped having those dreams was because I changed time zones again, making a nine hour difference in our sleeping hours.

In that first week my magic also included befuddlement, with the inability to make decisions based on any of my personal belief systems. Crying at the drop of a hat for no reason, I couldn’t handle the confusion. I would burst into tears in places like the checkout line at Whole Foods, or while I was pumping gas into my car at Costco. It seems that when my energy channels opened, my belief systems went haywire. Even though I felt energized and in my power, I also felt intense emotional insecurity and had wished many times that week that I had not waited until the last day of my trip to see Daniel. It would have been nice to be able to consult with him, or just be around the area, to adjust, for awhile longer …

And to this day, some three months later, I actually enjoy sitting up rigidly straight in my chair. Something I never did before seeing him.

Daniel didn’t seem to care about what led me to him, or why I was there. He has one purpose when he is alone in a room with you and that is transformation. Yours. Daniel is on a higher plane and he’s going to do his best to bring you there with him. But you also have to consciously choose to go there.

Everyone will come away from Daniel with a different experience. You can see him and just get a really good massage if that is all you want. The quality of your experience really matters more on how you approach your session with him and how open you are.

Whether your transformation is physical or spiritual, whether or not you believe in Daniel and his work, if you are a spiritual person and open to it Daniel Pool Pech will change how you understand the word healing, how you feel spiritually, how you see and perceive the world and most of all, how you see yourself.

At the very least, you’ll feel a lot better :)


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not have any authority in recommending or prescribing massage as a form of healing what ails you. If you see Daniel, you see him under your own motivation.

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