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Mara’s Italian Pastries


It’s almost impossible to walk by Mara’s Italian Pastries on Columbus in North Beach without stopping in for a pastry, a slice of focaccia or pizza, or a biscotti and a cup of espresso. At the very least you’ll want to stand at the storefront window for a moment and take in the beauty of all that pastry.

Mara’s pastries are crispy and flaky. Squeezing them a little to make them bite size, or breaking them apart, creates a free fall of crumbs. The almond croissants will give you a marzipan hangover, and the raspberry rings with chocolate are just lovely. Cannoli is the reason why many people stop in here after having dinner at one of the nearby restaurants, or before catching Beach Blanket Babylon which is right around the corner.

The pizza and focaccia are made in the Italian bakery style, not the restaurant style, and are not meant to be heated up, but rather eaten at room temperature, whatever that temperature is. Probably another thing to keep in mind is that the French pastries on offer will be made in an Italian style, so purchase without expectations and you might be delighted.

The pastries are not marked with name cards, so pointing here is allowed.

Mara’s Italian Pastries
503 Columbus Avenue
between Green & Stockton
San Francisco, CA 94133

Hours: Su – Thu: 7am – 10:30pm; F – Sa: 7am – midnight

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