Global Travel Alert – Real or Ruse?

August is high travel time – especially for the Western world. Americans who have been putting off vacations because of this or that all summer try to squeeze in a visit here or there before the marked end of the season, before Labor Day. The French usually take off the whole month and if they can’t afford to travel outside their own borders, they all hop on a train and head to the South of France.

I’m not one to care much if a travel alert has been issued by the government, and ever since September 11, 2001, I have become suspicious of them. The global travel alert that was issued yesterday and updated today is very broad in scope. It’s not just about our government not wanting us to travel abroad, they don’t want us to travel locally either.

The State Department’s warning urged U.S. travelers to take extra precautions overseas. It cited potential dangers involved with public transportation systems and other prime sites for tourists, and noted that previous attacks have centered on subway and rail networks as well as airplanes and boats.

Travelers were advised to sign up for State Department alerts and register with U.S. consulates in the countries they visit.

… The alert expires on Aug. 31. — Huffington Post

I want to think that our government has our best interests at the heart of this. But I have trust issues. I can’t help but get the feeling that there is something else going on. Yeah, Interpol is concerned that hundreds of Taliban broke out of jails in the last week or so, but could they be fanning out across the world in preparation for some big event? Maybe it’s just a test to see how fast Americans will scurry home, or to find out if they will still become overly cautious out of fear. There are a lot of conspiracy theories out there about the month of August as well – or could it all just be a deflection from the NSA scandal?

I’m not going to advise any one to travel or not travel during this time period. Every one has to think for themselves, trust their intuition, and do what they feel is right. No fear.

But, since the issue came up, any thoughts on what it’s all about?

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