Out Of The Archives: Photo Of The Day: The Temple Church Ceiling Mandala

This little church is not easy to find, and I stumbled upon it while walking the nooks and crannies of London. The Temple Church is 800 years old, was built by the Knights Templar, and I found it, or maybe it found me since I have an eye for all things Templar, by wondering onto the Benchers Entrance off of Fleet Street. There are a number of other entrances into the area, off of Middle Temple Lane or Tudor Street, both reachable from the Victoria Embankment.

This image is of the ceiling inside of the Round Church. I think what struck me the most about the architecture of it was the use of wood, and how clean it was. The design of it is very clean and simple and beautiful:

The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 by the patriarch of Jerusalem. It was designed to recall the holiest place in the Crusaders’ world: the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. It is a numinous space – and has a wonderful acoustic for singing. The Temple Church

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